Apple Hate

It’s amazing how much hate Apple gets when they release a new product.

People are complaining about the new MacBook.

No ports.

Too expensive.

Yeah, I get that, but some people might be into that. I like the idea of having an ultra-portable laptop that I just do everything wirelessly on. Are we really able to do that yet? No, not really. But soon. Apple might be ahead of the curve with this one. Remember when they stopped putting optical drives in their computers? I thought it was silly then, but now I haven’t needed an optical disc for a long time…

I’m not saying I want one of these new MacBooks. I don’t. But it’ll be interesting to see what happens a couple years down the road with this.

People are complaining about the Apple Watch.

“Too expensive.”

“What’s the point?”

“{Pebble, Pebble Time, Android Wear, Galaxy Gear, Microsoft Band, whatever else} is better and cheaper.”

I’m a Pebble smartwatch user. I like it; it’s a good watch. It’s awesome to have notifications on my wrist, since I can never feel my phone vibrate in my pocket for some reason. It’s missing features that I’d like to have, though. Android Wear can do what I want, but I can’t use Android Wear with my iPhone. The new Pebble Time can do a lot of what I want, but it still has missing features. The Microsoft Band can’t do what I want on my iPhone.

The Apple Watch can do what I want, and I feel the Sport edition’s pricing is reasonable. (Pebble Time Steel will be $300, and the Apple Watch Sport 42mm is $400…not a very big difference, especially since the Pebble Time can’t do everything I’d like.)

You can’t compare all these watches to one another across platforms. They aren’t the same.

It’s not so much that I’m a butthurt Apple fanboy as I am annoyed at all the inaccurate/unfair comparisons and just flat out misinformation that is going around right now.

As far as the new MacBook is concerned: Give it time and see what happens. You might be surprised. You might even have something like it in a few years.

As far as the Apple Watch is concerned: For now, this is the one watch for iPhones with deep integration like you get with Android Wear on Android devices. Third parties can try, but the experience won’t be anything like what Apple can offer, just like Android Wear offers a better experience than Pebble on Android (in my experience).

Moreover, wearable technology is something that still isn’t mainstream. Apple has a shot to make it mainstream with this watch, which could even generate interest in all the other smartwatches available now. Apple is just another competitor entering a quickly growing field.

And if I still haven’t convinced you that Apple’s products and the products you like can coexist, I’ll leave you with this final thought: By constantly talking about Apple’s products, whether positively or negatively, you’re just giving them more advertisement, and probably more sales.

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