Trashing macOS Server: Part 0 - Setup

Before I could replace macOS Server, I had to prepare some kind of virtual machine to house all the new stuff. Since the rest of my homelab VMs are running Ubuntu Server 16.04, that’s what I chose to use for the new server, Kestrel. This story is part of a series on migrating from macOS Server to Ubuntu Server. You can find all of the other stories in the series here. [Read More]

Trashing macOS Server: Introduction

Trashing macOS Server: Introduction
A few years back I wanted a home server that would mesh well with my other Apple devices. I thought it’d be a good idea to use macOS Server. For the most part, it went well, but a few recent developments scared me into finding an alternative. This story is part of a series on migrating from macOS Server to Ubuntu Server. You can find all of the other stories in the series here. [Read More]

Using Ghost for Blogging

Using Ghost for Blogging
I decided to try out Ghost for blogging. I think I like it. Previously I was using Jekyll, merging what it generated into the rest of my website, and tossing that onto GitHub Pages. This worked well enough, but wasn’t very convenient. I figured considering how infrequently I posted things on my blog, it wasn’t a big deal. But lately I’ve found myself wanting to post things, but not wanting to deal with the hassle of remembering how to post things. [Read More]

Apple Hate

It’s amazing how much hate Apple gets when they release a new product. People are complaining about the new MacBook. No ports. Too expensive. Yeah, I get that, but some people might be into that. I like the idea of having an ultra-portable laptop that I just do everything wirelessly on. Are we really able to do that yet? No, not really. But soon. Apple might be ahead of the curve with this one. [Read More]

Hackintosh Home Server: Part 4

I left this off where I had a server with no OS, and a backup that was totally useless. I decided trying to get the backup working was not worth my time, so I soldiered onwards trying to install Yosemite on the server. As luck would have it, the same distro I used for Mavericks now had a Yosemite version! It took its good ol’ time, but the installer eventually booted. [Read More]

Hackintosh Home Server: Part 3

I mentioned a few months ago that I was hoping the home server would be able to be upgraded to Yosemite when the time came. Over my winter break, I decided to give it a shot. Until now, the server was happily (albeit slowly) running using an OS X distro. Max resolution with the integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics was 1280x1024, since OS X never supported HD 3000. Doing anything on screen or with screen sharing was insanely slow, but it worked. [Read More]

Rant: Mobile Payments

It’s time for a rant. So I’ve been seeing a lot about an upcoming app called CurrentC, developed by a conglomerate of retailers including Wal-Mart and Best Buy, among many others. The idea is they want to make their own mobile payment system (à la Google Wallet or Apple Pay). They even want to offer discounts through the app. Sounds OK, right? Well… First off, you can only link a bank account to it. [Read More]

Hackintosh Home Server: Part 2

(Oh wow, it’s already been nearly a month since my last post? So I’ve been busy. Sue me.) As we know from last time, I came to the conclusion that running OS X on the server was my only real option for what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to get new hardware. Usually if you want to run OS X on non-Apple hardware, you have to carefully pick components that will work just right with OS X. [Read More]

Hackintosh Home Server: Part 1

I’ve been using Windows 8 on the server for a while now. It worked fine for what we needed. I didn’t care for the setup much, but I didn’t need to mess with it much either, so I got along fine with it overall. But then I tried to host a website on it… I grabbed XAMPP for Windows and got to work migrating my website over. That wasn’t really an issue. [Read More]

Doing More With My Domain: Blogging

I promised myself I wouldn’t say I put a “blag” on my “wobsite”, and yet I just can’t resist. I recently purchased this domain name using Google Domains (which is an awesome service, by the way! Get yourself a beta invite!). As soon as I got it, I redirected my GitHub Pages site to this domain. However, it didn’t feel like enough to just have my little one page site hosted here. [Read More]