Hackintosh Home Server: Part 2

(Oh wow, it’s already been nearly a month since my last post? So I’ve been busy. Sue me.) As we know from last time, I came to the conclusion that running OS X on the server was my only real option for what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to get new hardware. Usually if you want to run OS X on non-Apple hardware, you have to carefully pick components that will work just right with OS X. [Read More]

Hackintosh Home Server: Part 1

I’ve been using Windows 8 on the server for a while now. It worked fine for what we needed. I didn’t care for the setup much, but I didn’t need to mess with it much either, so I got along fine with it overall. But then I tried to host a website on it… I grabbed XAMPP for Windows and got to work migrating my website over. That wasn’t really an issue. [Read More]