Giving Up the Ghost: Using Hugo for Blogging

Earlier this year, I started using Ghost for my blog. After a few months, I’ve decided to make another change in platform, this time to Hugo. Why Switch? I have a handful of reasons for migrating away from Ghost. Hiding Markdown The biggest reason I had to distance myself from Ghost was that they have started making Markdown harder to use. Typically, I write my posts in Markdown using Caret, sync them in iCloud Drive, and then paste them into the Ghost editor. [Read More]

Using Ghost for Blogging

Using Ghost for Blogging
I decided to try out Ghost for blogging. I think I like it. Previously I was using Jekyll, merging what it generated into the rest of my website, and tossing that onto GitHub Pages. This worked well enough, but wasn’t very convenient. I figured considering how infrequently I posted things on my blog, it wasn’t a big deal. But lately I’ve found myself wanting to post things, but not wanting to deal with the hassle of remembering how to post things. [Read More]

Doing More With My Domain: Blogging

I promised myself I wouldn’t say I put a “blag” on my “wobsite”, and yet I just can’t resist. I recently purchased this domain name using Google Domains (which is an awesome service, by the way! Get yourself a beta invite!). As soon as I got it, I redirected my GitHub Pages site to this domain. However, it didn’t feel like enough to just have my little one page site hosted here. [Read More]