Dynamic Colors in SwiftUI using ShapeStyle in iOS 17

Jesse Squires recently asked on Mastodon whether SwiftUI still lacked support for dynamic colors. Ultimately he shared a solution that uses UIColor / NSColor under the hood to achieve the desired effect. There are other solutions floating around that work in a similar way, like one from John Sundell. We’ll need to keep doing that as long as we need to support iOS 16 and earlier, but with iOS 17 and aligned releases SwiftUI finally has a built-in answer for this: custom ShapeStyles. [Read More]

How to Use UIPasteControl in iOS 16

At WWDC22, Apple announced that iOS 16 will show a modal prompt when an app tries to paste from the pasteboard without user interaction. Along with this change, Apple introduced a new UIKit control that gives apps a standard way to let users paste without showing said prompt: UIPasteControl. At the time I wrote this, the documentation was pretty sparse. Most of the flow is based on existing APIs, but you may not be aware they exist—I wasn’t! [Read More]

One Year on the App Store

About a year ago I released Ryuusei on the App Store. Ryuusei is one of the first side projects I started, certainly the side project I’ve put the most time and effort into, and the first app I’ve put on the App Store on my personal developer account. All told, it’s a Pretty Big Dealâ„¢ for me! It was a huge moment when I hit the button to release it to the world. [Read More]