How to Use UIPasteControl in iOS 16

At WWDC22, Apple announced that iOS 16 will show a modal prompt when an app tries to paste from the pasteboard without user interaction. Along with this change, Apple introduced a new UIKit control that gives apps a standard way to let users paste without showing said prompt: UIPasteControl. At the time I wrote this, the documentation was pretty sparse. Most of the flow is based on existing APIs, but you may not be aware they exist—I wasn’t! [Read More]

One Year on the App Store

About a year ago I released Ryuusei on the App Store. Ryuusei is one of the first side projects I started, certainly the side project I’ve put the most time and effort into, and the first app I’ve put on the App Store on my personal developer account. All told, it’s a Pretty Big Dealâ„¢ for me! It was a huge moment when I hit the button to release it to the world. [Read More]