Apple Hate

It’s amazing how much hate Apple gets when they release a new product. People are complaining about the new MacBook. No ports. Too expensive. Yeah, I get that, but some people might be into that. I like the idea of having an ultra-portable laptop that I just do everything wirelessly on. Are we really able to do that yet? No, not really. But soon. Apple might be ahead of the curve with this one. [Read More]

Rant: Mobile Payments

It’s time for a rant. So I’ve been seeing a lot about an upcoming app called CurrentC, developed by a conglomerate of retailers including Wal-Mart and Best Buy, among many others. The idea is they want to make their own mobile payment system (à la Google Wallet or Apple Pay). They even want to offer discounts through the app. Sounds OK, right? Well… First off, you can only link a bank account to it. [Read More]